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Petz Kennel Club
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As a PKC Show Site or a PKC Obedience Trial Site you would have the following responsibilities:

  1. To advertise your shows/trials on other PKC sites and on the PKC Mailing List.
  2. To follow all PKC rules and judge fairly without showing favouritism to a pet, breed or kennel.
  3. To hold at least one show/trial a month that is at least 2 weeks long.
  4. To let us know if you can't hold a show or if you are resigning permanently.
  5. To not enter your own petz into your shows (if people adopt petz with your prefix they can enter them into your shows.
  6. To judge quickly and make awards within a few days of the show/trial closing.

If you have read all the rules and understand them and have shown your own petz in PKC shows and trials for some time and would like to be a PKC show or trial site, please fill in the following form and email it to with "PKC Site" as the subject.

    Your name:
    Your email:
    Would you like to hold Conformation Shows or Obedience Trials?:
    Site name:
    URL (required):
    Any other information you think we shold know (e.g. you have real life experience with shows/trials, or you have worked with the Petz version of them for ages etc.):

All Show sites start off as Minor sites. New Show sites and Trial sites hold a practice show where the points do count but an older site checks the results before they are published. Every new site is given an older site to show them the ropes. These older sites are called Mentors. Mentors continue to observe the new site until they are well settled in, and will answer any problems the new site has.