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Petz Kennel Club
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There are some rules on what petz can and can't be registered. If you are confused by a rule, check the FAQ pages.

Petz that can be registered

  • Catz and Dogz from Petz 1, II, 3 and 4 (not Bunnyz or Pigz).
  • Petz from the program adoption center (one of the ten UNHEXED PFMagic breeds)
  • Hexed breeds of dogz and catz that look and act realistically/are true to standard. This means you can register a black and white Border Collie but you can't register a pink one.
  • Petz that are born to PKC registered parents.
  • Petz that are a successful part of a selective breeding program (i.e. if you cross Great Danes and a Bulldog and get a line of perfect Boxers you can register them without their parents being registered)

Petz that can't be registered

  • Petz from the download adoption center or any other download adoption center (they are clones).
  • Clones (a clone is a pet where multiple copies of it exist).
  • Petz born to parents that aren't registered with the PKC.
  • Petz from rescue centers.
  • Petz that do not look and act realistically for their breed/are not true to standard.

Remember, if that was confusing in any way, frequently asked questions are answered on the FAQ pages.

Registering Your Petz

Fill in the following form and send it in a email with a UNPAINTED, UNCLOTHED, SIDEWAYS ON, STANDING picture of your petz to:

CATZ - with "Catz Reg" as the subject
DOGZ - with "Dogz Reg" as the subject

Pictures should be BMP, JPG or GIF - Please zip the files if you can. There is a limit of 4 dogz and 4 catz at a time - please wait until you get the first four back before sending the next four. If you do not show your petz in PKC shows or trials within a month of your first registrations you may not be allowed to register any more petz.

  • Owner's name:
  • Name of kennel that owns pet:
  • Email of kennel that owns pet:
  • Can we send the registrations to you in a zip?:

  • Call name of pet:
  • Show name of pet (including prefix) (25 letters max):
  • Breed of pet:
  • Gender of pet:
  • Petz program petz came from (1,2,3,4):
  • Is pet 1st generation?:
    If yes, skip the rest. If no, please answer the following.
  • Name of kennel that bred pet:
  • Email of kennel that bred pet:
  • Sire's Prefix, Call Name and PKC number:
  • Dam's Prefix, Call Name and PKC number:

If the form is filled in right and the picture is ok you should get your registrations back in a few days.

Here are two examples of registrations so you can see what the info is used for. The first is a 1st gen registration and the second is a puppy registration.

1st Generation Catz Registration

Puppy Dogz Registration

Champion and Obedience Dogz Registration

Your catz or dogz is a PKC Champion when it has won 4 Major points and 6 Minor points and PKC Conformation Shows. To receive your Championship certificate fill in the form below and send it with the awards that add up to 4 Major and 6 Minor to Once you receive the certificate you may use the prefix Ch. before the show name.

Your dogz is an Obedience Dogz when it has won 3 points in PKC Obedience Trials. To receive your Obedience Dogz certificate fill in the form below and send it with the awards that add up to 3 points to Once you receive the certificate you may use the suffix OD after the show name.

  • Name of owner:
  • Email of owner:
  • Petz show name:
  • Petz call name:
  • Petz breed:
  • Petz gender:
  • Petz PKC#: