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Petz Kennel Club
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Welcome to the FAQ page! This page is added to from time to time as PKC changes and new ideas cause confusion! If your question is not answered on this page, please email with "Question" as the subject.

Q - How did PKC begin?
PKC begun over two years ago when Indigo of Calm Waters Ranch bought Petz 3 and wanted to set a standard level for shows. At that time petz shows all around were varied - some were strict, some were not. PKC set the rules and standards which meant that competition was high but also consistant. In July 1999 Sonata of K9 Kennelz and Lyn of Kailyn Kennels were given PKC by Indigo and they have been running it ever since. PKC has grown hugely - it now has a fully developed catz section and obedience trials are growing too.

Q - What is a clone? And why can't they be registered?
A - Clones are petz that are identical to each other - i.e. they are copies of each other. They are not registerable as they are no longer unique. Also it is considered unethical by some to copy petz. Also, in real life although human identical twins are quite common, cat and dog identical twins are not. Usually every cat or dog in a litter is unique.

Q - I have a pet born to unregistered petz. Can I register him?
A - Petz born to PKC registered petz are registerable, even if they can't be shown because their eyes are the wrong colour or something. Petz born to unregistered petz usually aren't registerable as PKC is based on real life, and in real life to register you dog with a kennel club you must know it's parents' names, breeds, descriptions, birth dates, who bred them, and their parents names etc. a long way back. The PKC is for purebred pedigree petz (including breeds invented by PFMagic like Mutt, Calico and Alley Catz). Most of the PKC show sites hold non-PKC shows for unregisterable petz like mixed breeds or unrealistic hexies, as well as petz born from unregistered petz.

I got my pet from a rescue center. Can I register him/her?
Not usually. This is linked to real life again - in real life rescue centers won't keep track of pedigree paperwork (parents' details etc.) and without the paperwork the pet isn't registerable. In petz you have no idea where the petz came from or why they were in the rescue center. You don't know whether other copies of the pet exist elsewhere (clones). They are completely unknown petz.

Q - Why can't I register my brown Russian Blue?
A - To register your pet it must be true to it's breed standard. The Russian Blue for example says in it's name that it must be Blue. Breed standards are the real life rules that say what breeds look and act like.

Q - Where can I get Breed Standards from?
A - Check out the American Kennel Club (AKC), the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) and United Kennel Club (UKC) for dogz, and The International Cats Association (TICA) and the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) for catz. If there is a PKC Breed Club on the breed they will have a petz version of the breed standard with images etc.

Q - I keep hearing about Puppy, Novice and Adult classes. What does this mean?
A Puppy is a dog that is not completely full-grown. A Novice is a completely full-grown dog with no PKC show points (in the case of trials a Novice is a dogz with less that 3 OD points). An Adult is a petz with one or more PKC points. These classes used to be used for Labradors and Great Danes because they tended to stop other dogz breeds from winning, however they were stopped recently as other breeds are now stopping Great Danes and Labs from winning! Now shows are held as detailed on the Shows page.

Q - How can I help PKC?
A - In any or all of the following ways:
  1. Enter your petz in shows and trials.
  2. We are always looking for Assistant Registrars to make registrations.
  3. Write articles for the PKC Herald.
  4. Help a show site judge shows.
  5. Help a breed club that already exists.
  6. Become a show/trial site.
  7. Start a breed club.
  8. Tell us when you aren't happy or are confused - if you don't tell us, we can't fix the problem!
  9. Ask about becoming an area manager or starting a new section in PKC.

Q - Who made the graphics for these pages?
A - Lyn and Sonata - contact them at

Q - What is the PKC Club?
A - The PKC Club is an Excite Club where you can advertise PKC adoptions, studs, shows, trials, events, news, articles etc. You can start a discussion on anything petz and join current discussions. The atmosphere is very informal - the majority of the discussions have gone from being about petz to being about noodles, soggy tissues, fish and Angel...