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Petz Kennel Club
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Welcome to the PKC!

The Petz Kennel Club is a group of petz web sites that hold shows based on real life standards and rules. After your petz are registered with us, you can show your catz and dogz in our conformation shows for championship points and you can enter your dogz in our obedience trials for obedience dogz points.

There are several approved PKC Show and Trial Sites where you can enter your petz, and you can find out about becoming an approved site yourself. (NB - The PKC itself owns no petz and holds no shows).

For beginners to PKC there is a PKC Starter Pack available for download (80KB in size zipped). It contains detailed information on all areas of PKC. (For an unzipped version click here - 112KB). If you cannot find an answer in the PKC Starter Pack or on the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) pages or if you have any other questions or comments, please email, or visit our Excite Club discussion forum.

The PKC mailing list is where shows, trials, adoptions etc. are announced. This list will send a maximum of 3-5 emails a day. You can unsubscribe anytime, but to keep up with all PKC events it is a good idea to subscribe.

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Who are we?

The way this site is written it isn't so clear who PKC actually is. So, here's a little list! (Any aliases are included)

Co-owners/Co-manageresses of PKC - Sonata of K9 Kennelz & Lyn of Kailyn Kennels
Web authors - Lyn and Sonata
Head of Show Sites - Martina/Mushu of SeaShore Kennelz
Head of Breed Clubs - Sarah/Hibisca of Purple Flowers Kennel
Head of Breed Standards - Cheryl/Corgi of Storybook Kennelz
Obedience Manager - Mary of Pixel Perfect Kennels
Head Registrars - Sonata and Lyn
Assistant Registrars - Ashley, Jenn, Laura/Minamon & Lyria.

Other Information - Throughout the site unvisited links are orange and visited links are rusty red. The "navigation bar" underneath the title on this page is on each page. Clicking Home will break you out of frames and return you to this page. This site was made using Notepad.