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November 1999
No. 002

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Conversation Piece

Drinking from Tap

Well, this is a new one for us - Catz like to drink from the kitchen tap, especially Russian Blues and Siameses! If you leave the tap running your catz can drink from the tap as and when they like - it's a suprisingly successful way of making sure your catz get enough water. We were very impressed by this!

This Issue of PKC Herald

The Herald team have been working day and night to bring together this issue of PKC Herald - special thanks to our new Heads of Departments for their reports of their areas and those of you that contributed to this issue.

 PKC welcomes our new Breed Club Manager, Sarah of Purple Flowers Kennel. Sarah's PFK has been a Major site since the Major and Minor system was invented and a show site since the dawn of time. She has always contributed hugely to PKC in her duties as Major site, PKC registration maker and she has already made considerably progress in her new role as Head of Breed Clubs, as well as very reliably showing her petz in the dogz shows and especially the catz shows. Sarah is also known as Hibisca.

 We also welcome our new Breed Standards Manager, Cheryl of Storybook Kennels, aka Corgi. Corgi has owned a Minor site for a while now, with a passion for timely judging and award making (quite right too!). Most people will know Corgi for her incredible hexing achievements. Corgi has hexed several PKC Approved breeds now - the Boxer, the Doberman, and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, among others. In Real Life Corgi is invloved in Corgi showing and has her own RL webpage on the subject. Corgi has supported PKC in many ways and we are delighted she has accepted this role.

 Our latest member to our team is Martina of SeaShore Kennelz, who has taken over Saphire's role as Show Site Manager. Martina's SSK has been a Minor site for a long while now, sticking to the website-based style site for months when everyone

  else was jumping ship for Excite Communities, and making the website-based site a huge success! SSK is currently making the transition from Minor show site to Major show site - being the second site to ever do so. Martina was the first to set up a PKC Breed Club, the Great Dane Kennel Club (GDKC), which has also been a success and is the model Breed Club for new Breed Club owners. Martina is also known as Mushu in her new role.

A big welcome to Sarah, Corgi and Martina - we hope you find your new roles challenging yet fun!

In this issue we have some new items, including Dr Doevenless, our expert on RL animals - this week the Dr teaches you how to communicate with your cat. We have the usual stud, dame, adoption and job adverts, as well as PKC Show News, the latest from the Breed Clubs, and updates on our new PKC Hexed and Selectively Bred Breeds Approval Scheme from the Head of Breed Standards, Corgi.

As always your articles and commentaries are well welcome - this issue we have an article covering the history of Petz from Dogz 1 almost to Petz 4 in 'Petz the Saga', and an excellent article commenting on the the use of the word 'petz' in 'Petz vs. Romans'. We have a survey that we'd like to to complete to let us provide the best possible PKC service to the most people, and we have the brand new Fun & Games section with jokes, a crossword, a word search and spot the difference! Still on the humour theme we also have Funny Petz Pics as the subject of our Hit Petz Pics this issue - the funniest pictures of our petz for all the web to see!

PKC Herald Needs Writers for the Holiday Edition!

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