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November 1999
No. 002

Page 10

Hit Petz Pics

This issue - Funny Petz Pics!

We asked you to send in your funniest petz pics, and this is what we got! Holding your mouse over a picture will tell you who the pet is.
MBC's Natural Charm, 'Rufus' & MBC's The Lady Amalthea, 'Amalthea'
Oherra's Forest Hunter, 'Hunter'
Oherra's Something Sweet, 'Cinnamon'
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's SUPERCAT!
Oherra's Tip Top Tabbytoes, 'Tabbytoes'
Silly kitty!
KK's Egyptian Princess, 'Memsac'
Who said Siameses were graceful and elegant?
KK's Contradiction in Terms, 'Adam'
KK's Glacier Blue, 'Kin'
No Comment.
Ch. KK's Prince of Peace, 'T'ai'
This is a champion catz? (sigh)
KK's Signs of Magic, 'Eskarina'
Skipetty Doo Dah!

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